Retro Crafting Friday: Yarn Crafter Pom Chicks

This is from the Yarn Crafter Treasure Chest, Original Designs by Lillian Rather. Making Pom Poms is one of the favorite crafts at my Retro Crafting workshops, and I thought the chicks in the upper left corner of the cover reminded me of spring. Usually in my workshops we do one pom pom at a time, and tie them together. But take a look at this block and wooden dowel system. The drawing is to make a doll, but you’d do two sections I believe to make the chicks. I’d probably use the cardboard doughnuts and make the pom poms separately. If you need further instructions on that send me an email – I could scan in the ones I made for my shows by tracing various cans in my cupboard. Don’t buy plastic pom pom makers from the craft store! (
I could see myself tangling up the yarn or not being able to get it off properly from this system…

At the bottom here is the pattern for the extra pieces for the chicks. I don’t know why the little chicks have the head things, and you could definitely simplify these.
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2 Responses to Retro Crafting Friday: Yarn Crafter Pom Chicks

  1. regina says:

    the yarn crafter you talk about is actually made of plastic not wood I have one still in the box (it is used,but like new) I came across it many years ago at a thrift shop i put it up intending to use it but over the years forgot about it ,today i was doing some much needed deep cleaning and popped upon it…LOL…I have your posted book in the crafters box and its instuction book as well…I was couriouse as to other persons using it so looked it up on the web and found your posting from last year thats why i had not posted a comment untill now i will put the machine to use later this week just to try it out…LOL

  2. Sharon Brown says:

    I have had 3 or 4 of them & used them so that I’ve worn them out & I’m going to see if my husband can make me a wooden one.

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