Sandwich Loaf Recipe for Junior Chefs

The Junior Cook Books are among the most popular vintage cookbooks to collect. I think many people have fond memories of making things from them. Also, they are charming. Mostly the recipes are simple and refer to delightful parties or events young people might participate in. I have a few versions of cook books for young chefs, and I do also have fun memories of making some of the things with my sister. However, I was a bit surprised to see a Sandwich Loaf recipe for kids in this 1963 version of the Better Homes Junior Cook Book.

The directions for Party-surprise Sandwiches say ‘You’ll need:’  2 3 oz. packages cream cheese, 1/4 cup milk, 1 5-oz. can boned chicken, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 5-oz. jar pimiento-cheese spread (oh boy), 12 stuffed olives, chopped, 18 slices bread crusts removed, Soft butter or margarine
Then, ‘Take out:’  bowls, measuring cups and spoons, can opener, paring knife, bread knife, breadboard, table knife, small plates, salad forks
You can see the drawings for each step in the photo. Here are the words:
1. Soften cream cheese.  Stir in milk gradually.  Beat after adding milk. (By hand this is not so easy…)
2. Cut the chicken into small pieces.  Put pieces into another bowl and add mayonnaise. (Get out the defibrillator.)
3. Put the cheese spread in a third bowl and stir in the olives with care. (as opposed to?) 
4. Butter bread.  Spread with chicken; add bread.  Spread on olive-cheese; top with bread. (I am not sure how the 19 slices are being used – there has to be 6 on a row!)
5. “Frost” with the softened cream cheese.  Trim tops with olive “flowers.” Chill. (How -and why - would you make “olive flowers?”)

It certainly would be a surprise to come to a party and be served this. I wonder what age would think this is a treat.

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5 Responses to Sandwich Loaf Recipe for Junior Chefs

  1. Lynda K says:

    They pop up everywhere!! But you're right…. not what I'd expect in a junior chef's book!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Max says:

    My boyfriend loves pimento cheese spread. He's trying to get me to make it, but so far I've gotten out of it.

    I did find a tub in Walmart once, but it was not up to his pimento cheese standards.

    Where does one get the good stuff?

  3. Florida says:

    Easiest recipe in the world to make chop the olives in a medium bowl then add a pkg of room temperature Philadelphia Cream Cheese and blend with a fork till completely blended.

    Place in a pretty dish and put un the center of a plate and serve with crackers and the like.
    When I bring this to a pot luck it vanishes everytime!

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