Josh & Owen’s Kitchen Kung Fu: R2D2 Treats

We are still continuing the Start Wars Cookbook theme here on the boys’ blog and this wing they had an interest in two foods:  TIE Fighter Ties and R2D2 Treats. My husband made the Ties for dinner one night with packaged tube bread stick dough wrapped around hot dogs. Easy and fun. He also helped with the R2D2 Treats:

The R2D2 treats have frozen bananas and frozen KitKats. The bananas are dipped in melted yellow candy discs from the craft store and sprinkled with smashed peanuts. The candy bars stick to the melted candy while still wet. The boys did these. They are very tasty and perfect on a hot day.


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One Response to Josh & Owen’s Kitchen Kung Fu: R2D2 Treats

  1. Patti Taylor says:

    I think that it is just awesome that your children are interested in cooking. Great job!

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