Egg and Olive Penguins

I’m working on a Snacks show to be given in a few weeks and found lots of funny ones in my cookbooks. This 1963 Better Homes and Gardens Meals with a Foreign Flair has a “Smorgasbord” including these penguins. The caption is “First stop-appetizer table. Remember, this is only the start!” Help. It continues:  “Trio of Egg-and-Olive Penguins guard the Anchovy Stuffed Eggs.” From what? Unsuspecting people who may try to eat them?

So if you’re wondering how to make these fabulous things:

Each little fellow is fashioned from a hard-cooked egg, a couple of ‘giant’ ripe olives and a few pieces of carrot. Cut thin slice from large end of each peeled egg, stand up. For penguin’s head, peg olive to egg with toothpick. Use 1/4 of a ripe olive (cut lengthwise) for each wing, a lengthwise sliver for the ‘necktie’ toothpick in place. For feet, cut a lengthwise slice of carrot, a little less than 1/8 inch thick; cut the slice crosswise in 3/4 inch lengths. Taper sides of each piece of carrot and notch wide end to make webbed food; tuck a pair part way under each egg. Whittle a beak from carrot and push into ‘head.’

That’s a lot of work. I think folks would be afraid to eat them with all the toothpicks, too.

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4 Responses to Egg and Olive Penguins

  1. Weird, but adorable :D
    I have the feeling these may end up on my Vintage Cocktail party spread :)

  2. Karen says:

    Oh! My boyfriend makes them every year for our Mid-Century Potluck… And trust me, people AREN’T afraid to eat them.



    So much fun!

  3. Patti T. says:

    I recently saw these somewhere else. I thought it would be a fun idea for my black olive loving grand daughter.

  4. Amy Alessio says:

    I want to see photos, ladies! I hope your diners enjoy them. I have to say, I’m getting a little charmed by them myself…

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