Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Mysterious “Sugar Pies”

I can’t make sense out of this one. It is from the back of one of my boxes of handwritten recipes, along with others marked “Mother.” So it’s likely pretty old. Would this be used to flavor fruit? Is it for Tarts? I’m just not sure…

Here it is exactly as typed:

Sugar pies.

1 cup brown sugar

1 egg


1 T.B. milk

1/2 ts. vanilla

3 ts. bread crumbs

butter-size of a hickory nut

Mix well and put one T.B. in each pie.

enuf for 12 pies.

Wow! 12 pies? What is this? And how big is a hickory nut?

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4 Responses to Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Mysterious “Sugar Pies”

  1. My guess is it’s for tarts. A hickory nut is about half the size of a walnut, with the circumference of, say, a nickel. I’ll bet they’re tasty little morsels.

  2. Amy Alessio says:

    I’ll bet you’re right, Sharon! I appreciate this help!

  3. Barb says:

    Hello Amy.I’m not 100% positive,but the sugar pies sound like something my cousin and I used to make when I was a kid. We buttered slices of bread,sprinkled sugar on it,either brown or white,whatever we had, and folded the bread over and pressed the edges together,kind of like a turnover,buttered the outside and put it in the oven to brown.I don’t remember using eggs and vanilla,but this recipe sure sounds like a fancier version of what we made years ago.We thought they were the greatest!

    • Amy Alessio says:

      Hi Barb! Yum – this sounds good too. I will have to try this with my boys, though I think I will also try the tart version…Clearly these need to be tasted a lot to be sure! :)

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