Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Tuna Fish-Potatoe Chip Casserole for 50?

This is from the back of a metal recipe box along with other recipes from “Mother.” I find this a lot – the owner of the box has hers organized, then a bunch from their parent or another relative in the back. I love the typing on here, along with the spelling and the mysterious penciled note at the bottom. I’m typing it in here just as I see it.

Tuna Fish-Potatoe Chip Casserole

50servings ….

Potatoe chips  4 pounds

Tuna Fish   4 large cans

Mushroom soup  8 cans

Pimiento 1 small can

Water, hot  as needed

Break up tuna fish and pour hot water over it to remove some of the salt. Drain off water. Grease baking dish, place a layer of potatoe chips (broken in pieces) in bottom of dish, then a layer of tuna fish, and add chopped pimiento to mixture. Continue alternating layers. Cover with mushroom soup to which four cans of water has been added. Bake for thirty minutes in a moderate oven. Garnish with a few hole potatoe chips.

Then, in pencil, “4 or 5 cans peas    hard boiled eggs.”

Hmmm. I don’t know about this one. I see plenty of potato chip and mushroom soup recipes in vintage land, but usually not in these quantities, and not together. Others of “Mother’s” recipes in this collection are marked 1949. Anyone eaten anything like this?

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2 Responses to Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Tuna Fish-Potatoe Chip Casserole for 50?

  1. Patti T. says:

    I have had many a tuna casserole in my youth, even ones with potato chips as a topper, but never one quite like this. I think you would be hard pressed to find 50 people willing to eat this, just sayin.

  2. Sheilah says:

    This was a staple of my childhood. Potato chips, pretzels or spaghetti were the choices for the starch and yes peas were often added. This must have been for a large group though!

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