Duchess Franks: “High Society Suppers with Hamburgers and Franks!”

┬áThis is from the Better Homes and Gardens Best Buffets, 1963. That really is how these photographed foods are described. The caption also says that the Duchess Franks “have a surprise of ham, cheese and pickle.”

1 pound (8 to 10) frankfurters

4 or 5 thin slices boiled ham, cut in half

8 to 10 thin strips sharp process American cheese

2 large dill pickles cut in 8 to 10 thin strips

4 cups mashed potatoes

3 beaten egg yolks

1 tablespoon milk

1/2 tsp. salt

Dash pepper

Slit franks lengthwise, not quite through. Fold each half slice of ham lengthwise and insert in a frank. Tuck a strip of cheese and pickle in frank alongside. Combine mashed potatoes,egg yolks, milk, and seasonings. Poke two skewers through the franks for easy handling. Fill franks with mashed potatoes piped through pastry tube. (Oh boy.) Place on baking sheet; heat in hot oven (400F) 15 minutes or till potatoes are lightly browned.

Note: If skewers have wooden handles, wrap the wood in foil; slow-broil franks with handles extending out of broiler. (Really?)

Why does these things need to be combined? How is this elegant? I mean, it’s not like I serve elegant fare at home, but I was curious about this one. Pickles and ham = elegance?

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2 Responses to Duchess Franks: “High Society Suppers with Hamburgers and Franks!”

  1. Patti T, says:

    Aren’t these so fun to look at. Did we really think back then that this was elegant? Look how far photography has come also, what a difference between this and modern food photos!

  2. Amy Alessio says:

    I love this comment – for sure there were no food stylists then!

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