More from The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Double Jinx Salad

Here’s a very interesting recipe from the Nancy Drew Cookbook: Double Jinx Salad. Very Mysterious. Why would you do this, and how would you eat it?

4 peeled Bartlett pear halves (fresh or canned)

1 tsp. mayonnaise

1 cup cottage cheese

Green food coloring

Crisp lettuce leaves

2 green olives

Mix together mayonnaise, several drops of food coloring, and cottage cheese (too bad there’s no picture). Fill the center of each pear half with this mixture. Put the pear halves together to form whole pears; the cheese mixture should hold the halves in place. Stand pears upright on lettuce leaves. Place green olive on top of each pear. Serves 2.

I may have to try this one. What’s with the olive? Why does the dyed green mixture have to hold the pear halves together? Many mysteries here, but I don’t think any were intended!

Enjoy your weekend.

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One Response to More from The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Double Jinx Salad

  1. Patti T, says:

    I remember my mother making canned pears, covered with graham cracker crumbs, a dollop of Miracle Whip or mayo in the center then place on lettuce leaves. Don’t know why but I have cravings for this a LOT. Your recipe sounded okay if you like cottage cheese…………………………………….until I read of the green olive, just didn’t seem to go with the recipe?? I really enjoy reading these older recipes and wondering if people really ate these and on what occasions it might have been.

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