Retro Crafting Friday: Checkerboard Knitted Square for Warm Up America

Here is the fourth square pattern for inspiration. If you are just joining our project, Molly MacRae and I are celebrating the launch of Last Wool and Testament, the first of her new Haunted Yarn Shop mystery. Each week for a few months we will be featuring a stitch so readers can make squares for Warm Up America, a charity. They can be formed into a blanket, or the squares can be mailed in. I do really simple squares so I can easily bring projects with me in my purse and do a quick row at a time. We will mainly be featuring really simple squares, but I have a few wonderful guests coming on Fridays who may challenge knitters here. Next week my dear friend author Anne Ylvisaker is coming with a special stitch, relevant to her new book. I am very excited about that event.

Today’s stitch is what I call the checkerboard. I cast on 25 stitches on size 8 needles with Lion Brand Wool-Ease. Any medium worsted should do it. I would recommend casting on at least 30, though, as my squares are a bit small for WUA. I plan on sewing my blanket together.

Cast on. Row 1: Knit 5 stitches, purl 5 stitches. Row 2: Purl 5, knit 5, so your pattern is a garter stitch block, then a stockinette block. Repeat rows 1 & 2.

Row 5: Purl 5 stitches, knit 5. You’re reversing the pattern to make the checkerboard. I like doing even pattern rows, so mine are not perfect squares. Row 6: Knit 5 stitches, purl 5 stiches. Repeat rows 5 & 6.

Then repeat rows 1 – 4, then 5-8 until your block is complete.

Do you have a favorite stitch? Tell us about it in comments to enter the September giveaways. Or tell us if you are knitting along.

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One Response to Retro Crafting Friday: Checkerboard Knitted Square for Warm Up America

  1. Kristy says:

    You make this stitch sound easy so I’m going to try this one, too. I want to make a seed stitch book mark sometime, and that seems to be pretty easy to do too. I just need to sit down and start some of these things.:)

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