October Monday Scary Recipes: Petrifying Peanut Butter from Molly MacRae

We are heading into the second month of celebration for Molly MacRae’s new book, Last Wool and Testament. We will draw a winner from the September comments and on Mondays this month we will feature Scary Recipes from our collections. Making comments this month will enter you in a NEW drawing for a copy of Molly’s book or one of my short stories with recipes. Do you have a scary recipe? Tell us about it!-AA

Petrifying Peanut Butter

After reading Amy’s blog for a number of years I can’t look at a recipe with the word “surprise” in it with anything but fear. Peanut Butter Surprise, from Mary Dunbar’s Favorite Recipes, a pamphlet put out by Jewel Tea Co., Inc. in 1936, only confirms that’s the safest attitude. The booklet didn’t have a picture Peanut Butter Surprise (and I wasn’t about to mix it up and take a picture), but here’s a picture of the women in the Jewel Homemaker’s Institute kitchen who apparently tested all the recipes. It’s probably just the era and the photo, but that kitchen and those women look almost as scary as the recipe. I have a special fondness for them, though, because the Jewel Homemaker’s Institute kitchen was in my hometown and I can’t help but wonder if the seated woman was my next door neighbor who did work for Jewel.

Peanut Butter Surprise

4 tablespoons Jewel Peanut Butter

½ cup Jewel Mayonnaise

1 small jar stuffed olives or

½ dozen chopped sweet pickles

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Graham bread

Mix peanut butter and mayonnaise; add chopped olives and lemon juice. Spread on buttered graham bread.




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