Scary Recipe Mondays: Wish-Bone Dream Beans

I could actually do a year’s worth of Scary Recipes – or two! This has been a fun theme for Molly MacRae and I to blog about this month, though. I like the photo with this one. I like the twin baby girls, though they really should have bike helmets. And clothes. This Monday’s scary recipe is from the Scott Cooking Shows Recipes for 1957 – 1958 Seasons pamphlet cookbook.

Wish-Bone Dream Beans

2 cups lima beans (fresh, frozen or caned) (What on earth is caned?)

1 cup celery (cut fine)

1/2 cup minced onion

Mix ingredients and serve with Wish-Bone salad dressing. Decorate with green pepper rings and hard cooked Bowman eggs.

Serve with salad dressing? Oh boy. Perhaps these are Nightmare Beans.

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3 Responses to Scary Recipe Mondays: Wish-Bone Dream Beans

  1. Jillishness says:

    This recipe would not fly at my house – because of the bean choice. My husband has contempt for lima beans. No mixed vegetables are allowed in the house with lima beans in them.
    Back when this was published, was there only one flavor of wishbone dressing? I’m trying to imagine catalina or italian dressing on this.

    • Amy Alessio says:

      Good question about the dressing. I’m thinking there was the one flavor. th recipe gets worse imagining other flavors. How funny! Lima beans have no friends in my house, either!

      I looked up Bowman Eggs with better success, though. Another site on Chicago history had a postcard featuring Bowman Dairy and Eggs, where each egg was stamped with their “guarantee.” That must have been labor intensive.

  2. Molly MacRae says:

    What are Bowman eggs?

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