Retro Crafting Friday: Valentine’s Day Table

I enjoyed going to the River Forest Public Library last night to talk about Vintage Cookies and Candies, though I was driving in a snowstorm both ways. The lovely crowd that came out were lots of fun and had great questions. Lots of young bakers were there, too and I always like to see that!

So I overslept this morning, though, and am late getting this up! But I found this cute table spread in the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Decorations You Can Make, 1974. The caption for this photo says that the table is “bound to catch the fancy of teen-agers.” It also suggests that if you “wish to entertain adults instead, just remove the flowerpot of hair bows and substitute flowers.”

This week I did an Un-Valentine Tasters and an Un-Valentine Crafters at the library with teenagers. They made rude-funny Valentines, smashed candy hearts, and decorated plastic tumblers for themselves. This may have caught their attention, but they didn’t want cutesy. I would love this, though not with either flowers or hairbows. A big cake is more my speed! The cute red and white glasses and plates are particularly charming in my opinion.

This book gave instructions for the reversible place mats and napkin rings. The rings are made from”2-inch lengths of cardboard mailing tubes covered with red and white checked gingham.”

For the mats, “cut the heart-shaped sections from fabric pieces that measure 13 1/2 x17 1/2 inches. ” Use a calico print on one side and gingham on the other. When I used to make place mats like this I used fusible stitch witchery (by the yard) in between to give it body.I would sew it in with the trim then fuse it when it was sewn.

Are you making any Valentine’s Day crafts? I’m knitting a blanket with hearts in it for a charity, and that is lots of fun. I’ll put the photo and link here when I’m done.

Or are you reading any great romances? I just bought new ones from Adrienne Giordano and Sarah M. Anderson that I will read after I finish some mysteries to review this weekend. I know both ladies and they are lovely people in addition to being great writers!


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