Molly MacRae Monday: Smilodon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – They’ve Got Bite

Molly MacRae brings us a great version of a favorite comfort food today – yum!-AA

Smilodons, also known as saber-toothed cats (or incorrectly as saber-toothed tigers) packed a wallop of a bite. So do these grilled cheese sandwiches. My family has become very fond of them and they’ve become our in-house version of fast food. For variety, you might try rye bread, sliced fresh avocado, or another kind of cheese. We use fake bacon to make them vegetarian, but Smilodons were meat eaters, so don’t be shy about using real bacon. We also don’t bother to butter the bread. Saves time, saves calories, saves on greasy fingers, and you end up with a nice crisp sandwich. Feel free to butter away, though, if you want.

Smilodon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Sour dough bread

Bacon, cooked (or vegetarian alternative)

Guacamole (the readymade stuff available in the produce section is great)

Jalapeño pepper, sliced

Monterey Jack cheese (or pepper jack)


  1. Heat skillet
  2. Build your sandwich in layers (as much or little of each as suits your taste): bread, guacamole, jalapeño pepper slices, cheese, bacon, cheese, bread
  3. Place sandwich in skillet and brown on both sides
  4. Eat.



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