Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Josh and Owen Style

Those of you who have been with this blog for a while know about my family’s love of Icebox Cake. We also make Lime Ribbon Delight from a vintage cookbook for the big green holiday each year.I’m not putting links, but there were some years on here that these did not turn out so well. This year I turned over the desserts to Josh and Owen. And both treats were big hits.

Yes, my 47 year old brother still calls the Icebox Cake “Mushy Cooky Pudding.” It is made from Jello instant pudding and vanilla wafers, layered the night before so the cookies are soft. This is very rich. Dave was delighted that the boys alternated vanilla and chocolate pudding.  Josh dyed the vanilla bright bright green and both boys sampled a lot during the layers, but it was all good.

Josh also frosted the top the way my Mom likes. I usually end with vanilla wafers as I think it looks like a sandwich loaf, but he wanted to do this.

For the Lime Ribbon Delight cake this year I made a white cake mix and dyed it green. This morning, Josh and Owen drained the can of crushed pineapple and added it to the mixer with lime jello we made last night. We ran the mixer about medium speed until the jello was whipped thoroughly with the pineapple and the boys poured it over the cake in a 9×13 pan. The pan is crucial for this one as it is messy. Again, it was a big hit.

Then the boys hid gold foil candies for their cousins to find around the house. I did find several wrappers it is true, but the game was still enjoyed by all, even the teens!

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