Retro Crafting Friday: Knit-Wit Rabbit

This is from a vintage pamphlet a friend gave me for pom pom critters. In this case, pipe cleaners and/or the wire from hangers are folded into a frame, and several pom poms are slid on. The ears for this bunny are made by wrapping yarn around the wire frame. Making pom poms is fun, and you don’t need a Knit Wit (though of course I have one). You can also buy them at craft stores in different sizes. I wind yarn around 4 fingers about 50 – 60 times, then tie, cut and clip. The bunny uses 4 pom pons for feet, 1 small for nose, 1 extra large for tail

38 “triple petal rosettes” which are made with the Knit Wit. That’s crazy! Just make big ones for the head, body, arms, etc.

I may think this craft is funny but I may be making this with the boys next week while they are off as the weather is still in the 20′s and 3o’s here…

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