Retro Crafting Friday: Kids Crafts

Longtime readers here know I’m not keen on Mother’s Day. While I have two wonderful boys, an amazing Mom and a terrific MIL, the years of enduring that day while going through miscarriages and failed infertility attempts made me realize I don’t need a day to celebrate being a Mom. I’m not into a day of pressured celebration. I’m working this Sunday, and I’m fine with that.

What I do like about the holiday is getting handmade things from the boys. Owen already brought home a cute poem with his handprints and a paper about how I’m 18 years old in his mind and love tomatoes and playing cards with him. Very cute – I put up a photo.

The other photo is from the 1972 Better Homes and Gardens Gifts to Make Yourself. While I think making a Plaster of Paris is beyond Owen at this point, he’d love making the mosaic placemat. Josh could do the bookends, but I have so many cookbooks they would have to be made out of cement to hold the weight. This book suggests that the placemat be made on poster board with liquid glue. Thankfully now we have better things available. There is spray adhesive, which I don’t like, or contact paper, where he could stick scraps on. There is also felt with a sticky side. These could be laminated or covered with contact paper too. He’d have fun with this no matter what, though. I’d enjoy doing things with them.

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2 Responses to Retro Crafting Friday: Kids Crafts

  1. tokeberry says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Amy.

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