Molly MacRae Monday:

We are celebrating the release of Molly’s new Haunted Yarn Shop book, Dyeing Wishes, all month! Molly talks about a food she is fervently wishing for today…-AA

First of all, I wish every writer had a friend as good as Amy. Thanks, Amy for helping me to celebrate the release of Dyeing Wishes. (Note – Thanks, Molly!-AA) 

What food do I wish for? Believe it or not, this dish has not chocolate in it, no prunes. And yet it is almost entirely decadent. Why do I only wish for this dish and yet not eat it? You find it at my favorite restaurant in the world – Henderson’s Salad Table in Edinburgh, Scotland. A friend of mine introduced me to Henderson’s back in 1974 when I was a student at the University of Edinburgh. It’s vegetarian and I liked everything I had the two or three times I went there. But I fell madly, deeply in love with a particular dessert. I don’t know what they called it, but I’ll never forget the ingredients: thick, thick whipped cream studded with sliced, fresh strawberries, slice almonds, and crystallized ginger. That’s it. Heaven.

So, I can’t show you a recipe, but with that description, I think you can recreate it. In the meantime, here’s a link to Henderson’s website, in case you’re lucky enough to be heading to Edinburgh, the cover of one of their cookbooks (which doesn’t even mention my bit of heaven,) an official Henderson’s napkin celebrating their 40th anniversary (now they’re celebrating their 50th) (That photo wouldn’t load.) and a picture of me in front of Henderson’s when my sisters took me back to Edinburgh for my 50th birthday. May I say that I also wish everyone had such wonderful sisters.

What do you wish for?


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