Molly MacRae Monday: The Devil’s in the Clam Loaf

Molly MacRae sent me a post with this recipe and photos including the words that this recipe may help me with my “martial arts success.” Hmm. Perhaps by tempting me not to eat more? haha. This one is pretty funny, as is the author of this post. Enjoy!-AA

I’ve eaten meat loaf and salmon loaf, and I remember making sandwiches out of veal loaf, pickle loaf, and olive loaf back in my delicatessen days. But I’ve never made or eaten deviled clam loaf. Maybe I would have, if I’d ever lived where people keep quarts of clams handy.

As much as I like New England clam chowder, I don’t think I want to try this recipe. I’m having trouble picturing people looking happy to find it on the supper table. I’m also having trouble with the ½ cup of “butter or other fat” the recipe calls for (in two ¼ cup portions.)

I do like the book the recipe is in, though – How to Cook Clams, Test Kitchen Series No. 8, first published in 1953 by the United States Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Commercial Fisheries. It includes information about types of clams, how to buy them, and how to shuck them. And it’s full of recipes with names that are fun to say, like baked clam hash, sour cream clam pie, and clam and ham scramble. They sound honest and straightforward. My husband found the book on a trip out east and brought it home to me.

Here’s the recipe for deviled clam loaf. If you have a spare quart of clams in the fridge, go ahead and make the loaf, will you? Then let me know how it turns out.


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