Molly MacRae Monday: Peanut Butter and Ketchup – they go together like . .

Vintage ketchup product recipes are among the most strange in my collection, and that’s a high standard! Molly MacRae brings us a truly scary one today. Who wants to serve this at their Labor Day BBQ today?-AA

Are you casting around for a new snack idea? Something to offer the kids when they come home from school? A zesty treat to serve your book club members? Well, I’d be surprised if Ketchup Cocktail Crackers is what you’re looking for. The recipe comes from a booklet called 57 Prize-winning Recipe, a collection resulting from the 1957 “H.J. Heinz $25,000 Cook with Ketchup Contest.” 

I’m having trouble picturing what peanut butter and ketchup look like when slowly beaten together. I’m dubious about the color and the effect of the bacon bits. Although the Worcestershire sauce might save the whole thing from disaster. Anyway, if someone else makes this and spreads it on a cracker and then hands it to me, I might try it. I’m polite that way. And if I try it, and I end up liking it (because how can ketchup and peanut butter be any stranger than prune whip or haggis?) then I’ll be sure to let Amy know so she can surprise her family at their next holiday gathering.


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2 Responses to Molly MacRae Monday: Peanut Butter and Ketchup – they go together like . .

  1. Olin says:

    My gawd, who could stomach these? The only worse vintage food idea I’ve heard of was a sandwich made of bologna, ground up with raisins and baked beans. Yep, a wartime recipe for a factory worker’s lunch. Awful. Just awful.

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