Molly MacRae Monday: Celebrating Karate Chops and Brand New Books

I was putting Molly’s files up quickly this morning, still tired from the karate tournament we went to over the weekend, when I realized she wrote about me.More on here soon about both the karate and the book events.  Thanks, Molly for your very kind words here – though I don’t know if I can make that recipe!-AA

Amy’s new book is out! Taking the Higher Ground is her first print novel for teens. This is very exciting and a tremendous accomplishment, especially considering everything else she does and does so well. It blows me away that Amy find the time to write while working as an award-winning librarian, while keeping up with two fabulous and active children, presenting programs, blogging, and conquering karate. Plus she writes and publishes professional nonfiction. Simply put, Amy is one of my heroes. I mean that sincerely and in all seriousness.(Amy’s note: I’m blushing, but thanks so much, Molly!)

So let’s celebrate and let’s do it with something heroic. Something like . . . oatmeal! But not just any oatmeal. This calls for the kind of oatmeal that encourages kilts and feats of strength. The kind of oatmeal that comes with a recipe for Haddock Oat Pie right on the box. The world’s best oatmeal. It calls for Scott’s Porage Oats. I first smacked my lips over a bowl of Scott’s when I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the 70s. I loved it then. I love it now. Scott’s is to oatmeal what Amy is to multi-taskers. In a word – terrific. Look for Scott’s in your local grocery, but good luck finding it. It is available online, or if you’re lucky enough to live in Cincinnati, Ohio, (or have a son and daughter-in-law who do) you can get it at the very cool Jungle Jim’s grocery store there.

Amy is practically Super Woman already, but wouldn’t you love to see what can do if she eats a bowl of Scott’s every morning? Or a steaming helping of Haddock Oat Pie? Congratulations on your book, Amy! When I go to Cincinnati at Thanksgiving, I’m picking up a box of Scott’s and sending it to you.

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