Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Spaghetti Pie and More Earrings

I’ve been making some Weight Watchers versions of Spaghetti Pie, and this recipe sounds tasty too. I’d likely use whole wheat spaghetti and turkey sausage with low-fat cheeses. I’m also posting a couple more pairs of earrings today. I’m thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day and to Mardi Gras, which is always a favorite holiday of mine as it reminds me of New Orleans and wonderful trips I took there for library conferences.

6 oz. spaghetti – cook

2T oleo

1/3 C. grated Parmesan cheese

2 well beaten eggs

1 lb. gr. beef or pork sausage

1/2 C chopped onion

1/4 C green pepper

1 c. Tom (I’m not sure if that’s one can tomatoes, or one cup chopped tomatoes.I’m leaning towards 1 cup chopped.)

1 6z. can Tom. Paste

1 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. oregano

1/2 tsp. garlic salt

1 C cottage cheese

1/2 C Mozzarella cheese

Stir oleo in hit spaghetti. Stir in cheese and beaten eggs. Form into crust in 10″ pan. In skillet, cook beef, onion, 4 oz. pepper, until done. Drain fat, stir in tom., paste, oregano, & garlic. Heat. Spread cot. cheese over crust & fill with sauce. Bake for 20 at 350F. Sprinkle cheese and bake 5 min.

Cottage cheese used to be different. I think this recipe could easily be made w/o it. Do you have a spaghetti pie recipe you like?

Now for the earrings. I’m still inspired by my very talented librarian friend Sarajo, though she is much more skilled than I and uses all kinds of medium for her earrings, like etching and finishes, resins. At this point I just use beads and findings and my wire wraps are a bit clumsy. Still, I’m having a blast, and am finding myself inspired to take on other projects that I have let go for years around here. My sister and niece already want copies of the Valentine’s pair, so I will have lots to do this week.  Do you have crafts or projects you’d love to get back to?

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3 Responses to Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Spaghetti Pie and More Earrings

  1. Kristy l. says:

    I have a recipe just like this and it is delicious. I have a hard time using whole wheat pasta so sometimes I just mix it with regular, and I think that tastes pretty good.

  2. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Those Mardi Gras masks are just adorable! Perfect for some French Quarter festivities. I’m right there with you on the fond memories of ALA trips there… especially the time I got to go there for Midwinter! I can see why you’ve got some request for your heart earrings too. They are sweet and look like they have great movement. They also reminded me that I think I actually have some heart charms in my stash somewhere… and now would be the time to use them! The more you play and practice, the better your loops and wire wraps will get. Just keep having fun! Thanks for joining me!

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