Molly MacRae Monday: Spring Cleaning

Molly MacRae discusses the interesting recipes she found while cleaning out her file. I can’t imagine what she left in there! I’m sure mine has some interesting relics also.When you have last cleaned out your recipe file? -AA

There’s no point in getting carried away with doing too much spring cleaning, I don’t think. I did a bit this weekend, though, and it feels pretty good. I even cleaned out my recipe file – an accordion file my sister Jenny gave us for a wedding present in 1978. It’s where I put the recipes people give me or that I clip from newspapers, magazines, the backs of packages – that kind of thing – and it’s stuffed beyond capacity. Every once in a while I look for another file like it so I can relieve some of the stress on the first one, but I’ve never come across one. I should just find a nice box, or something.

I didn’t end up taking many recipes out of the file, and the ones I did I offered to our Easter dinner guests. They flipped through them but didn’t want any. I can’t imagine why not. I’ll probably take them to work and leave them in the staff lounge – all but three. There are three recipes from The Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, February 1978 – vintage! I’ll send them to Amy, because I know she’ll love them. The first is for Clam Fettucini, the second is for Onion Supper Pie, and the third is for Celery Fish Roll-ups. Celery Fish Roll-ups – YUM! When these recipes arrive in Amy’s mail, I think her family will be pretty doggone happy that I stopped spring cleaning when I did.

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2 Responses to Molly MacRae Monday: Spring Cleaning

  1. Elaine Ellen says:

    I am sure I saved a few recipes that would be a bit strange. But your comments about these and what you are doing with them made me laugh! Thanks!

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