Tea Punch Recipe and Earrings

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary to my wonderful Kyle. In 1995 it was a record heat day in Chicagoland. We are celebrating in our usual fun style and I’ll post more about that later. You know delicious food is involved!

But this recipe for “Sherbet Tea Punch” is delightfully vague.

4 tea bags

2 C boiling water

1 C sugar

1 C orange juice

1/2 C lemon juice

2 bottles ginger ale

1 qt. orange sherbet

Steep tea in 2 water 5 min. Remove bags and add sugar, dissolve.

Chill – add juices

(some odd math is on the back)

& ginger. Spoon sherbet and serve.

I made a couple pairs of earrings for gifts for the challenge my talented friend at SJ Designs Jewelry.  I am really into a sun and moon theme now. Still having a great time with the new hobby. The trunk show was lots of fun, and great promotion. I’m already thinking about another, and will do an earring workshop at a local library.  What creative projects are you working on?

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4 Responses to Tea Punch Recipe and Earrings

  1. Kristy l. says:

    Happy anniversary! I hope you have a great day and can’t wait to hear how you celebrated!

  2. Sarajo Wentling says:

    Happy Anniversary! You should go to Disney to celebrate. ;) Love your celestial theme here. I’m so thrilled that you are enjoying jewelry making so much. Thanks for playing along!

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