Molly MacRae Monday: Celebrating Yarn Bombing with Bombes

I’ve always wanted to try yarn bombing, but I definitely don’t want to try the prune caramel ice cream recipe Molly suggests for me this month. Where does she find these recipes? The Thyme Bombe sounds fabulous, though, and I’ll look forward to that recipe in the next book. I’ll head over to her Pinterest board now to see what else she has discovered about that fun dessert.-AA

What better way to celebrate a mystery involving yarn bombing than with a recipe for a bombe? Knot the Usual Suspects, book 5 in my Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries, comes out on September 1st. In the book, Kath and TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Fiber, the needlework group that meets at Kath’s yarn shop) are planning to yarn bomb their town in conjunction with the opening of a craft show. What’s yarn bombing? It’s the art of fiber graffiti. People go out, often at night, and spread a little fiber anarchy with knitting, crochet, wrapping, twining—you name it—putting sweaters and leg warmers on statues, giant feet on mailboxes, vines and leaves on signposts, cozies on fire hydrants, etc. You can see some great examples on my Yarn Bombing Pinterest board.

So then we come to the bombe. I mentioned bombes in my book Lawn Order, but sad to say, I didn’t really know what a bombe was until I looked it up. They’re pretty cool (literally and figuratively). They’re an ice cream desert made in a round bowl or mold. Some of them end up looking like cannon balls, or those round bombs you used to see in Saturday morning cartoons, hence the name bombe. You can see examples of some tasty-looking bombes and recipes for them on my Bombes Pinterest board. I’ve never made a bombe, but I’ve concocted recipes for two that I think should turn out pretty well.

The first one I’ll make and report back on in September. I’m going to use two kinds of gelato – ginger for the outside layer, and lemon with thyme for the center. After unmolding it, I’ll drizzle a salted caramel sauce over it, and I’ll call it a Thyme Bombe.

The other bombe is one Amy won’t be able to resist, so I’ll let her make it. The outside layer should be a good vanilla ice cream, and the center will be prune caramel ice cream. If Amy refuses, I’ll go ahead and make that one, too, but in that case she can’t have any – no matter how delicious it is. Here’s the recipe for prune caramel ice cream, Amy. It comes from the Sunsweet Recipes booklet put out in 1950 by the California Prune and Apricot Growers Association.


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