Molly MacRae Monday: My Auntie’s Antipasto

March kicks off with another funny post from popular mystery author MollyMacRae. What are your favorite family recipes? Did you change them?

Stay tuned for some lucky St. Patrick’s Day posts and a March giveaway as this blog celebrates 10 years of vintage recipes! -AA

My Auntie’s Antipasto

Here’s a recipe from my Great-Aunt Ruth. I don’t think I had a taste of it more than a few times back in the 1960s, but I remember it as utterly delicious served on saltines. Great-Aunt Ruth was also my godmother, and she drove a big black car with tail fins. She was extremely cool. I love that she made a “typo” in the last line – “take out and hour before using.” I make this same typo – often – when I’m typing.

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