Molly MacRae Monday: Fire Crackers

Molly MacRae gives us a fun recipe to enjoy for this holiday. How are you celebrating? -AA
Happy 4th of July!
Parades, picnics, and evening fireworks are all more exciting plans than reading a blog today, so I won’t keep you. But here’s a great recipe from a great friend who
shared it with me in the late 70s. Cold, refreshing, and pretty to look at, these Fire Crackers stand the test of time. Enjoy a fabulous – and safe – 4th!
Fire Crackers
1 small can frozen orange juice
1 small an frozen lemonade
32 oz. jar cranberry juice
4 shots of rum (more or less)
Mix together and freeze (the rum will let keep it from freezing solid)
Mix equal parts slush and 7-Up
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