Minty March Begins

Struck by Shillelagh, my new Alana O’Neill mystery, will be coming out in a few days and to celebrate, I will be posting minty recipes from now through St. Patrick’s Day. Do you have a favorite?

This is from the 195 Table Talk cookbook, signed by Frank Decatur White. This gentleman led workshops in association with appliance companies as far as I can tell, and his cookbooks seem to have been very popular.

Here is Frank’s Mints:

2 cups sugar

1/2 cup milk

1 kitchen spoon corn syrup (love that measurement)

1 tsp. butter

4 drops oil of mint

Mix all well, heat over slow fire, stirring until dissolved. Wipe side of pan with damp cloth. Turn fire high and cook well two minutes. Pour on ungreased platter, let cool then beat until creamy. When too hard to beat turn out on marble slab and work well with the hands, adding mint and any color desired. Melt Fondant in double boiler and drop on oiled paper.

Slow and high fires are vague descriptions, though working on the marble sounds fun. This seems like a cross between traditional fudge making and praline work. Have you made anything like this?

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4 Responses to Minty March Begins

  1. Gram says:

    When I was younger I had my Grandmother’s bread recipe…all the measurements were a kitchen spoon or a teacup…the brread rose overnight….best bread ever!

    • Amy Alessio says:

      I love this. I’ll bet it was delicious. Have you ever tried to recreate the recipe with traditional measurements? I’ve tried things like that a few times – with my usual very varied success! :)

  2. Kristy L. says:

    Hi Amy! My favorite minty recipe is for Grasshopper drinks!!:)

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