The Alana O’Neill Short Mysteries with Vintage Recipes

1.    Treasures

A young mother discovers an unlikely secret after a fire in an antiques mall in this short mystery with recipes. This is the first in the Alana O’Neill mysteries and includes vintage recipes for: Congo Squares, Kolackys, Chiffon Cake, Pound Cake and Dark Chocolate Cake.

2.  Missing Andy

Antiques store bookkeeper Alana pieces together clues to find some missing people – and missing cookbooks in this short story. This is the second in the Alana O’Neill story series, following TREASURES. Vintage recipes included are: Cocoa Chocolate Cake, Apples Loaves, Spiced Apple Muffins, Rhubarb Cookie Squares and Lemon Pudding.

3. Felled by Fruitcake

Alana investigates a robber and mysterious fruitcakes in her 3rd story.

4. Blast From the Past

Antiques mall bookkeeper Alana O’Neill researches events from sixty years ago to discover a murderer during a BLAST FROM THE PAST Valentine’s festival while her teen son resists romance in Amy Alessio’s novella. (17,000+ words)



5.  Struck by Shillelagh

When her friend is arrested for attempted murder of the Mayor at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Alana O’Neill tries to learn who really hit the unpopular politician with the black thorn shillelagh. A new booth owner with a questionable past, a secret author featuring the antiques mall and recipe failures are unable to distract Alana for long on her quest for justice. Vintage recipes include Edible Blarneystones, Refrigerator Cake, Lime Ribbon Delight and more. This story is 11,000 words.

Includes Bonus Story Thankful for Pie: In this Thanksgiving holiday novella, Star tries to learn who is sabotaging her family’s struggling bakery. She also wonders why her new karate instructor drives her so crazy. “”Thankful for Pie” by Julia Curtin was a delightful read complete with sweet treats and a simmering connection between Steve and Star. Loved the mystery angle and the strength of family in this story. A read to be truly thankful for!” – Nicole Leiren, author of MORE THAN ONE NIGHT

 6. Harassed by Hauntings

When a paranormal investigations team finds a body while taping at the antiques mall, owner Alana knows the culprit is likely a living person. She and her college son Elliott do their own investigating of the crime while running a busy Halloween festival in this humorous amateur sleuth adventure.
The latest mystery from this popular series includes several fall themed vintage dessert recipes from the author’s extensive handwritten recipe collection found at antique malls that she doesn’t believe are haunted.


7. Killed by King Cake

Falling sales at her family owned antiques mall inspires Alana O’Neill to organize a Mardi Gras Festival. Customers are invited to mask-making workshops, Cajun cooking demonstrations and more. A burglary that cleans out several valuable vintage Voodoo items and antique weapons threatens to dim the celebrations. Then a local police chaplain seeks Alana’s help with a woman with amnesia. Clues connect the crimes like a strand of Mardi Gras beads for Alana in her seventh adventure

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